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This is a collection of common issues and recommended solutions.

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Shutdown but the process doesn't exit

When you call JDA.shutdown() or JDA.shutdownNow() the JDA instance will stop all of its threads. However, if HTTP/2 was used by the OkHttpClient instance it will keep the JVM running due to a timeout thread for http connections. This can be terminated by shutting it down manually:

OkHttpClient client = jda.getHttpClient();

NoClassDefFoundError or ClassNotFoundException on startup

An error like java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/dv8tion/jda/api/JDABuilder or similar means you are not including your dependencies or transitive dependencies in the archive.

With Gradle this can be fixed by using the shadow plugin and building your jar with shadowJar instead. The jar will then be present in the build/libs directory with a name like example-1.0-all.jar

With Maven you need the shade plugin in your pom to add dependencies to your package task. You can see the shade plugin being applied in this example pom.xml

You need to use the -withDependencies.jar rather than the normal one.

Discord Issues and API Limitations

The provided token is invalid! The provided token is invalid!

This exception indicates that the token you have used in your JDABuilder is not a valid bot token. Usually, this means you tried using the secret instead of the bot token. To get your token, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Application Dashboard
  2. Select your application
  3. On the left side, click the Bot tab
  4. If you don't have a bot yet, you must create one
  5. Once you have a bot, there is a token section. Click COPY.
  6. The token is now in your clipboard and you can paste it into your code

If you follow these steps and you still get the same exception, it could be due to one of these problems:

  • You included excess whitespace in your string. The token string should not include any newlines or spaces.
  • You were banned from the API or your server is hosted on a public hosting platform like Glitch or Heroku.
  • The token is not for a bot account, we do not support client accounts.

A valid token looks like this:




Can't get emoji from message

Methods such as Mentions.getCustomEmojis() and Mentions.getCustomEmojisBag() only include custom emoji which have to be uploaded to a guild by a moderator. Unicode emoji such as šŸ‘ are not included and require using a 3rd party library to be located in a string. You can use emoji-java to extract unicode emoji from a message.

An example use-case including a code sample can be found in this answer to a related question on StackOverflow

Event Handling and RestActions

RestAction queue returned failure

When JDA encounters an issue while executing a RestAction it will emit an error through the failure callback. You can handle this by adding a second callback to queue(), for example: message.delete().queue(v -> System.out.println("success"), ContextException.herePrintingTraceā€‹());.


public void deleteMessage(Message message) {
    message.delete().queue(null, (exception) -> {
        message.getChannel().sendMessage("There was an error " + exception).queue();

You can use ErrorHandler to handle or ignore specific ErrorResponse failures.

Nothing happens when using X

In JDA we make use of async rate-limit handling through the use of the common RestAction class.
When you have code such as channel.sendMessage("hello"); or message.delete(); nothing actually happens. This is because both sendMessage(...) as well as delete() return a RestAction instance. You are not done here since that class is only an intermediate step to executing your request. Here you can decide to use async queue() (recommended) or submit() or the blocking complete() (not recommended).

You might notice that queue() returns void. This is because it's async and uses callbacks instead. Read More

If you do have a queue() then maybe your code doesn't even run? Try putting a System.out.println("debug") right before and after your code and see if it prints. If not, then read this My event listener code is not executed.

My event listener code is not executed

There are many reasons why your event listener might not be executed but here are the most common issues:

  1. You are using a deprecated or removed part of JDA, such as new JDABuilder(...).
    Use the replacement that is documented, for example createDefault(token).
  2. You are using the wrong login token.
    If the token is for another bot which doesn't have access to the desired guilds then the event listener code cannot run.
  3. Your bot is not actually in the guild.
    Make sure your bot is online and has access to the resource you are trying to interact with.
  4. You never registered your listener.
    Use jda.addEventListener(new MyListener()) on either the JDABuilder or JDA instance
  5. You did not override the correct method.
    Use @Override and see if it fails. Your method has to use the correct name and parameter list defined in ListenerAdapter. Read More.
  6. You don't actually extend EventListener or ListenerAdapter.
    Your class should either use extends ListenerAdapter or implements EventListener.
  7. You are missing a required GatewayIntent for this event.
    Make sure that you enableIntents(...) on the JDABuilder to allow the events to be received.
  8. The event has other requirements that might not be satisfied such as the cache not being enabled.
    Please check the requirements on the event documentation.

If none of the above apply to you then you might have an issue in your listener's code, at that point you should use a debugger.

Missed 2 heartbeats! Trying to reconnect...

This warning implies your event thread is too busy and will block critical events from being received. You should try to limit blocking calls and make sure your event handlers don't take up too much time. Do profiling to figure out what takes so long or create a thread dump when you get this warning to see where the issue is.

By default, all events are handled on the same thread they get received and handled on. If you block this thread for too long then JDA cannot keep up with important lifecycle events sent by Discord. Either you start writing non-blocking code (replace complete() with queue() etc.) or you use a thread pool for your event handling.

Listener must implement EventListener

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Listener must implement EventListener
        at net.dv8tion.jda.api.hooks.InterfacedEventManager.register(
        at net.dv8tion.jda.internal.hooks.EventManagerProxy.register(
        at net.dv8tion.jda.internal.JDAImpl.addEventListener(
        at net.dv8tion.jda.api.JDABuilder.lambda$build$0(
        at java.base/java.lang.Iterable.forEach(

When you get an exception like this, that means one of the event listeners you registered does not implement the EventListener interface provided by JDA.

This is not a valid event listener class:

public class MyListener {

You can either use ListenerAdapter or EventListener:

import net.dv8tion.jda.api.hooks.ListenerAdapter;

public class MyListener extends ListenerAdapter {

When using EventListener make sure you actually imported the correct interface from JDA and not java.util.EventListener:

import net.dv8tion.jda.api.hooks.EventListener;

public class MyListener extends EventListener {
  public void onEvent(GenericEvent event) {

Read More

IllegalStateException: zip file closed

This error can occur when trying to reload a plugin in various minecraft frameworks. The cause of this error is a quirk with how plugin loading works, where it disables class loading when disabling the plugin. This causes problems when JDA hasn't finished shutting down all of its internal threads yet.

The best way to handle this is to use awaitShutdown:

// Initial shutdown, allowing for some RestActions to still go through
// Wait up to 10 seconds for requests to finish
if (!jda.awaitShutdown(Duration.ofSeconds(10))) {
   jda.shutdownNow(); // Cancel request queue
   jda.awaitShutdown(); // Wait until shutdown is complete (indefinitely)

Alternatively, you can also use shutdownNow() immediately and then use awaitShutdown(). This will prevent any currently queued requests from executing and immediately stop the threads.

In general, using /reload is frowned upon due to its unsafe and buggy nature. It is recommended to use alternative measures to reload your plugin, as recommended in this article by the WorldEdit author.

I can't get the previous message content from delete/update

When Discord emits a message_delete or message_update they only provide the new content of the message. Since JDA does not keep a cache of messages it is unable to provide the previous content. Instead you will have to track content of messages yourself.

Preventing use of complete() in callback threads

The following code will illustrate an issue where callbacks might cause a deadlock

class Main {
    public static main(String[] args) {
        JDA api = JDABuilder.createDefault(BOT_TOKEN)
                .setCallbackPool(Executors.newSingleThreadScheduledExecutor()) // (1)
        TextChannel channel = api.getTextChannelById(CHANNEL_ID);
        channel.sendMessage("hello there").queue((message) -> { // (2)
            message.editMessage("general kenobi").complete(); // (3) deadlock
            System.out.println("World!!!!"); // never printed

You can test this yourself on 3.8.0 and see it fail.

Since we decided to use a single-thread pool (1) we only have one thread to execute callbacks. This thread is used by the first callback (2) and cannot be used for the second callback (3).

Due to this reason we simply don't allow using complete() in any callback threads at all. If you use callbacks you should use queue().


Hit the WebSocket RateLimit

When you update your game or online status you emit a socket message to Discord. If you do that often enough you hit a limit and JDA has to backoff for 60 seconds.

Things that contribute to the WebSocket RateLimit include:

  • AudioManager.openAudioConnection(...)
  • AudioManager.closeAudioConnection()
  • AudioManager.setSelfMuted(...)
  • AudioManager.setSelfDeafened(...)
  • Any setter method on Presence.

It is also possible that you get spammed by this warning if you use ChunkingFilter.ALL (this is done when using create(token, intents)). If your bot is in more than 120 guilds then this warning is unavoidable when using member chunking. It is recommended to use setChunkingFilter(ChunkingFilter.NONE) to reduce the startup time and get rid of this warning. If chunking on startup is absolutely necessary, you have to accept this warning.

There are many ways to retrieve members: Loading Members

I explained this in a bit more detail in issue #1290

To make chunking a little more efficient, you can additionally enable the GatewayIntent.GUILD_PRESENCES. This will load all online members for each guild directly, instead of relying on additional member chunk requests, which can be a significant boost to reduce startup time and potentially reduce these warnings.

Encountered 429 or Encountered global rate limit

When the internal jda rate-limiter fails to predict a rate limit bucket the HTTP response is 429: TOO MANY REQUESTS. This means the request has to be retried. If you see this a lot (many times per minute), then JDA might have an issue with the rate limit handling of that route. If you use setRelativeRateLimit(false) it could also mean that your clock is not properly synchronizing with NTP.

Encountering the global rate-limit is something JDA cannot predict or prevent. This rate-limit implies you sent too many requests in total across all routes. Discord limits how much HTTP traffic a client is allowed to do and will tell us to limit all requests for a specified time interval. You should avoid hitting this too often.

Intents and Caching

Cannot get reference as it has already been Garbage Collected

Due to how we structure cache we sometimes have to invalidate our entire cache (that's just how Discord works). When you store references to JDA entities for a long period of time such as a field you will suffer with the error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot get reference as it has already been Garbage Collected once the entity was removed from the JDA cache. We highly recommend to store only the parts you actually need of the specific entity such as id and use something like event.getJDA().getRoleById(id).

Entities that should not be stored for a long period of time include:

  • Role
  • Channel (any type of channel)
  • Guild
  • RichCustomEmoji
  • User
  • Message

Instead store IDs of the entities, or for messages simply the parts you need such as content.

Users/Members not in cache

The default behavior in createDefault is to only cache members connected to voice channels. If you need members to be cached, for example to lookup users by roles, then you have to enable this explicitly.

I explained this in this wiki page and this stackoverflow answer.

There are many ways you can retrieve members dynamically: Loading Members

Cannot get message content / Attempting to access message content without GatewayIntent

When you receive this warning, that means you tried to access the content of a message without the privileged GatewayIntent.MESSAGE_CONTENT.

Attempting to access message content without GatewayIntent.MESSAGE_CONTENT.
Discord now requires to explicitly enable access to this using the MESSAGE_CONTENT intent.
Useful resources to learn more:
Or suppress this warning if this is intentional with Message.suppressContentIntentWarning()

As of JDA version 5.0.0-alpha.14, you are required to enable this intent explicitly with enableIntents(GatewayIntent.MESSAGE_CONTENT) on your JDABuilder or DefaultShardManagerBuilder.

This affects anyone who accesses these methods on messages:

  • getContentRaw, getContentDisplay, getContentStripped, and getMentions().getCustomEmojis()
  • getActionRows, and getButtons
  • getAttachments
  • getEmbeds

You are also required to enable this in your application dashboard. Note, however, that this is a privileged intent and will require a valid use-case for your bot to be verified in over 75 servers.

I'm getting CloseCode(4014 / Disallowed intents...)

This means you tried to use GatewayIntent.GUILD_MEMBERS, GatewayIntent.GUILD_PRESENCES, or GatewayIntent.MESSAGE_CONTENT without enabling it in your application dashboard. To use these privileged intents you first have to enable them.

  1. Open the application dashboard
  2. Select your bot application
  3. Open the Bot tab
  4. Under the Privileged Gateway Intents section, enable the intents that you are using in your bot. Toggle on SERVER MEMBERS INTENT, PRESENCE INTENT, or MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT depending on your needs.

If you use these intents you are limited to 100 guilds on your bot. To allow the bot to join more guilds while using this intent you have to verify your bot. This will be available in your application dashboard when the bot joins at least 75 guilds.

Interactions and Slash Commands

This interaction failed / Unknown Interaction

This means you didn't acknowledge or reply to an interaction in time. You only have 3 seconds to reply or acknowledge. You have to use event.deferReply().queue(), event.deferEdit().queue(), event.editMessage(...).queue(), or event.reply(...).queue(). (If you don't queue() it won't do it)
Make sure your event listener code is executed.

Interaction Followup Messages Timed out

This means you sent followup messages through InteractionHook.sendMessage(...) or similar but never acknowledged the interaction.