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Migration Guide 3.X to 4.X

This version includes a number of breaking changes.

Extensions That Support 4.X

Here is a list of known extensions that support 4.X. The ones that are not checked do not support it yet. You should check that everything used in your project supports 4.X before starting migration.

Package layout changes

Since we removed the client-only features from JDA the package didn't make much sense anymore. Instead we have merged core, bot, and client into api. The new package prefix for the API functionality is now net.dv8tion.jda.api.

If you used internal classes they will not be available under this prefix but instead use net.dv8tion.jda.internal. Something like net.dv8tion.jda.core.entities.impl has been moved to net.dv8tion.jda.internal.entities since the internal packages only contain implementations anyway.

In the case that PermissionUtil.checkPermissions was used in your code, this should be changed to member.hasPermission(...) or role.hasPermission(...).

Removed Features

Almost everything from net.dv8tion.jda.client has been removed as its not supported by the API and can lead to account termination which we don't want to happen. Additionally, most of the features advertised by the interfaces in client were not even implemented or documented properly. Everything on JDABot has been moved into JDA.

The flag to disable the audio system with setAudioEnabled(false) has been removed. This flag only enabled an exception for Guild.getAudioManager() which is unnecessary.

The entire net.dv8tion.jda.webhook package has been moved to a dedicated library at

The methods buildBlocking and buildAsync have been removed as they were already deprecated. To replace buildBlocking you should use awaitReady() on the JDA instance returned by build().

The overloads for sendFile that accepted a Message as their last parameter have been removed in favor of MessageAction.addFile. For example sendFile(file, message) becomes sendMessage(message).addFile(file).

Both getWebSocketTrace and getCloudflareRays have been removed without replacements. These are not officially supported by the Discord API and subject to change.

Renamed Classes

Some classes have been renamed to better represent their meaning.

  • Channel -> GuildChannel
  • Game -> Activity (also CacheFlag.GAME -> CacheFlag.ACTIVITY)
  • GuildMemberNickChangeEvent -> GuildMemberUpdateNicknameEvent

Renamed Methods

A few methods were renamed for better consistency and clarity.

  • JDABuilder.addEventListener -> JDABuilder.addEventListeners
  • JDABuilder.setGame -> JDABuilder.setActivity (same for Presence and DefaultShardManagerBuilder)
  • Invite.getURL -> Invite.getUrl
  • JDA.getPing -> JDA.getGatewayPing
  • JDA.getWebhookById -> JDA.retrieveWebhookById
  • Guild.getWebhooks -> Guild.retrieveWebhooks (same for TextChannel)
  • Guild.getInvites -> Guild.retrieveInvites (same for GuildChannel)
  • Guild.getAuditLogs -> Guild.retrieveAuditLogs
  • Guild.getBan[ById|List] -> Guild.retrieveBan[ById|List]
  • Guild.getVanityUrl -> Guild.retrieveVanityUrl
  • MessageChannel.getMessageById -> MessageChannel.retrieveMessageById
  • JDA.getApplicationInfo -> JDA.retrieveApplicationInfo
  • AudioManager.getReceiveHandler -> AudioManager.getReceivingHandler
  • GuildController.addSingleRoleToMember -> Guild.addRoleToMember (same for removeSingleRoleFromMember)
  • GuildController.setNickname -> Guild.modifyNickname
  • GuildMemberNickChangeEvent.getPrevNick -> GuildMemberUpdateNicknameEvent.getOldNickname
  • GuildMemberNickChangeEvent.getNewNick -> GuildMemberUpdateNicknameEvent.getNewNickname
  • ISnowflake.getCreationTime -> ISnowflake.getTimeCreated

Changed Functionality

Some methods have changed their signature in a breaking way. This is supposed to improve either internal code or make the interface more versatile.

JDABuilder and DefaultShardManagerBuilder

As of 4.2.0 the JDABuilder constructor has been deprecated in favor of 3 factory methods:

Further details are explained in a dedicated wiki page here: Gateway Intents and Member Cache Policy

Permission Lists

Everything that once returned List<Permission> has been changed to return EnumSet<Permission> instead for a better representation.

Message Attachments

You can no longer use blocking operations to download attachments of a message. Instead we replaced the old download() with downloadToFile() and similar methods. These use CompletableFuture to provide continuations such as thenAccept and whenComplete. Examples are provided in the documentation for the respective methods.

Audio System

AudioSendHandler.provide20MsAudio() now returns ByteBuffer instead of byte[]. An easy transition is to use ByteBuffer.wrap(byte[]). This was done to allow re-using the same buffer for multiple packets instead of allocating a fitting array every time.


PermissionOverride.getManager() now returns a PermissionOverrideAction instead to remove code duplication. You can now also use GuildChannel.upsertPermissionOverride which will either return getManager() on an existing override or use putPermissionOverride() if there is no existing override.


IEventManager.handle, EventListener.onEvent, and ListenerAdapter.onGenericEvent now accepts GenericEvent which is a new interface that allows a more versatile hierarchy for the events it can handle. UpdateEvent is now a subinterface for GenericEvent.


The methods provided by the old GuildController class have been moved into the Guild interface. The GuildController has been removed completely. Additionally, Member received a few new shortcuts like Member.ban(int).

The methods addRolesToMember and removeRolesFromMember have been removed and should be replaced with modifyMemberRoles.


Since we added @Nonnull and @Nullable annotations we had to compromise on conditional nullability. This means the methods like Message.getTextChannel now throw instead of returning null if the message was not sent in a TextChannel. You can use Message.isFromType to test for the channel type.


To support other compression algorithms like zstd that Discord may offer in the future we changed setCompressionEnabled to setCompression. In this change we also replaced the boolean with a new enum for each algorithm. The new way to disable compression is setCompression(Compression.NONE).


All RestAction types have been changed to be interfaces to improve maintainability. Additionally, submitAfter now returns DelayedCompletableFuture to allow usage of continuations.